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We help to translate key HR-brand processes into digital format
How to quickly translate HR-marketing activities into digital? What selection tools should be used in quarantine conditions? Employer Branding Agency Changellenge >> creates products that can help you build an attractive employer image in an online format and find the most promising candidates. How? We’ll tell you below!
Why us
We conducted more than 100 online broadcasts on VKontakte and launched a YouTube show on our channel
We organized dozens of online assessments
We were the first to conduct online case championships — with more than 160 participants, 40 judges, and hundreds of viewers
Key HR-processes are now online
Remote Graduate Recruitment
A comprehensive digital tool for hiring young employees without face-to-face interaction in all stages
Digital advertising
A well-designed advertising campaign based on the AIDA method that reaches target audience
High-quality educational content in an online format for the audience you need (for example, students or female engineers)
YouTube videos
Video in an interview format on the Changellenge >> career channel with at least 10,000 views
Online game test
A non-standard digital campaign that goes beyond traditional formats and increases brand awareness
Online championship
Conducting a championship or hackathon to solve real problems in an online format
Invest in digital
Online formats significantly improve key business metrics in the conditions of the quarantine
Taking care of you: you don’t need to meet candidates in person, wear a medical mask, and sanitize your hands after handshakes
Not at the expense of quality: you can check the same competencies of a potential employee and conduct a familiar interview
No limits: now you don’t have to worry about how to bring a candidate from a region to the capital — your nationwide projects will remain in force
Companies that already set up online-processes
Meet the Changellenge HR guide >>
Leave a request and get a free webinar by Andrey Alyasov, CEO and founder of Changellenge >>. It will help you figure out how to plan HR activities during the COVID-19 period. We value your time, so during the webinar we don’t talk about abstract things, but consider real cases: Danone, Yandex. Taxi, Nordgold and even Dodo Pizza
Don’t delay turning the online format into your advantage
It’s time to switch to digital — contact us, and we will quickly help you find services that will boost your company’s HR-brand